Creating A Team Culture That Excels

August 19, 2019


Team culture makes or breaks your organisation’s success.

From fostering happiness in the workplace to boosting productivity, many studies have proven the impact culture has on team performance and engagement.

But while your team appears to be ticking the boxes and meeting targets, it’s easy to slide into a culture of complacency.

In a world that’s advancing faster than ever before, a culture where fixed mindsets prevail over continuous learning and improvement or where quick wins are pursued over long term growth can be lethal.

As a leader, here’s four simple strategies you can implement to create a culture that drives your team to exceed yesterday’s expectations.

1. Put people in control of their domain

When each team member feels trusted and in control of their role, they’ll feel more confident and motivated to achieve more.

This also creates opportunities for your team to continue exploring their unique strengths, while building mutual respect with you as their adviser.

2. Set collective goals

Ask your team to participate in the goal-setting process.

Once they understand how these goals align with your company’s greater strategic vision and how everybody is best placed to contribute, you’re more likely to get team buy-in, personal accountability and a broader perspective on the best way to approach the given goal.

3. Create a safe environment

One of the biggest barriers to growth is a culture where feedback is feared, and “stupid” questions aren’t asked.

It’s important to let your team know that you’re not out to get each other – instead, you must create an environment where feedback is sought after and delivered in a constructive way, and where each member feels comfortable asking questions and sharing their challenges with the group.

Once you open the door to conversations that people were afraid of having, you can start turning these hidden barriers into opportunities for personal development and greater team collaboration.

4. Celebrate the wins

Take time out to celebrate your team’s achievements, both at a group and individual level.

Knowing that their efforts are appreciated and recognised by their peers is a huge boost to morale, keeping them energised for the next big challenge or goal.

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