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We’ve worked with business leaders, teams and school students from all walks of life. From building a stronger team culture to shaping positive mindsets in our future generations, read our success stories to discover how we’ve helped our clients.


Boosting self-esteem and supporting good mental health are key focusses throughout the topics we teach to school students.

Learn how No Xcuses has reached out and inspired countless students with the power of a resilient mindset.

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The Glennie School

Our lead speaker Brant Garvey was invited to run the Resilience Program for the Year 9 girls at The Glennie School in Toowoomba, Queensland.

Warming up the room with his own stories of resilience, Brant dug deep into what resilience really means before running through activities that encouraged the girls to personally reflect and interact with each other on the key topics covered.

We received plenty of positive feedback from students and staff on the way the program’s content was delivered, as well as the strong impression Brant’s story left on the students.

One student left a special note about how “it was good hearing from someone who has struggled but gotten through it” – a testimony to the lived experience and role model that Brant provides young people with.

People on Cable beach doing bootcamp
People on Cable beach doing bootcamp
Group of Northern Star staff standing in front of Jumbo rigPeople on Cable beach doing bootcamp
People on Cable beach doing bootcamp
People on Cable beach doing bootcamp
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Scotch College

Known as Australia’s leading school for boys, Scotch College’s mission is to develop young men with strength of character, self-understanding, a passion for sustained learning and spiritual inquiry.

Our lead speaker Brant Garvey was invited to speak at the College to share his story with the Middle School boys and impart his own life lessons as they entered the new academic year.

Recounting his formative experiences from early childhood to his current career as an athlete, Brant positioned his keynote to encourage the students to face their fears, overcome obstacles and dream big.

Both students and teachers were inspired by Brant’s ‘no excuses’ mindset and the measures he took to work through the tough times in his life.

Through the praise and feedback provided, it was clear that our message resonated deeply with the boys and provided them with a renewed perspective on what they could truly achieve through hard work and determination.

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