The Motivation Muscle:

Learn the 6 science-backed resilience skills you need to succeed

The Motivation Muscle

A 6-week program that will teach you the core resilience skills you need to recover from any challenge and maintain the motivation you need to reach your goals.

If you’re struggling to:

Build a career you’re truly passionate about

Move on from a relationship break-up

Find your purpose and a direction in life that makes you happy

Then this program is the best place for you to be. Through a series of guided virtual learning and coaching sessions, we’ll work together on the skills you need to navigate life’s challenges with confidence and build your personal plan for success.

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6 weeks of guided learning and personal coaching.

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What you’ll learn

Navigate Challenges

The true meaning of resilience, and how you can use it to navigate any challenge with confidence

Embrace Change

How to embrace change, shift to a problem-solving mindset and identify new opportunities faster

Strong Relationships

How to build and maintain strong, two-way relationships and establish a support network

Goal Success

How to set goals and create a pathway for success – however you define it

What people are saying

We used Brant during the Covid-19 lockdown period of 2020 to support our Team Leaders. The weekly check-ins helped create a great sense of how our team were dealing with their own challenges, and created a safe, enjoyable forum in which we could all look to support each other, and in turn, our respective teams. Brant’s weekly sessions were both enjoyable and fun whilst promoting some great learning about resiliency and applying the lessons in our everyday life.

Darren Lee

Managing Director, Market Creations
Brant Garvery Profile Image

Brant Garvey

A Paralympian, keynote speaker and the Founder of No Xcuses, Brant Garvey has shown time and again that whatever obstacles life throws at you can be overcome.

Whether it’s the multiple first place finishes at paratriathlon world championships around the world or when he became the first above-knee amputee to complete an Ironman Triathlon in Australia, Brant’s stories motivate and create change.

From keynote speaking to team building exercises and one-on-one coaching, Brant is passionate about empowering people and organisations with the mindset and science-backed skills they need to build their resilience and reach their full potential.