Inspirational Speakers

Looking for an inspirational speaker to entertain your audience and make your event shine?

Hiring one of our guest speakers will deliver much more than just a rousing story. By sharing their triumphs, failures and unique perspectives on life, our inspirational speakers show people a better way forward and can provide newfound hope during our darkest moments.

Each of our team are examples of people who’ve practiced what we preach: resilience, hard work, determination, discipline and self-belief. No matter your audience’s age or background, our speakers seek to connect with people from all walks of life and deliver a presentation that resonates.

From the highly relatable and humorous to the more poignant stories told by our speakers, each school, company and organisation that have invited us to speak have been inspired by the rawness and candid advice we’ve shared on stage.

If you want to inspire your audience to become more focussed, productive, ambitious and motivated to challenge themselves and achieve more, get in touch with No Xcuses.

Book A Speaker For Your Next Event

Our inspirational keynotes can be tailored to the message and values you want to reinforce for your audience.Below are some of the key topics that we talk about:

Dreaming big and setting goals

Learning from failure

Finding your strengths and working on your weaknesses

Turning fear into your fire

What They Say

Brant Garvey came out and spoke to our sales team as part of our welcome back function for 2017. We wanted to inspire our guys and motivate them for what we believe will be a very challenging year. Brant’s story is full of inspiration on how he has achieved things in the face of adversity and how setbacks and disappointments can spur you on to achieve your goals.

Paul Harland
General Manager
Westgate Financial Services

“We received really positive feedback post our event from a lot of our Corporates and VIP clients about Brant’s guest speaking duties. He was a favourite of the season and I am sure we will look to have him back at one of our Events.”

Naomi Bezu
Events Coordinator
Young Professionals WA

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