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From elite athletes to sporting clubs, our lead speaker Brant Garvey is the ultimate inspiration for players and coaches seeking to become the best they can possibly be.

As a former member of the Australian Paratriathlon Team during the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, Brant has experienced the pressure, pain and glory that every professional athlete and sports player encounters throughout their career. Born as an above knee amputee, he has never let his disability hold him back from achieving his dreams.

Since learning to run on his artificial leg, Brant has mastered swimming, cycling and a range of team sports. He has endured brutal training regimes, injuries and narrow defeats on the road to winning multiple local and world championships.

Communication, self-motivation, accountability and dealing with feedback and setbacks are some of the most important skills Brant has learnt and regularly speaks about to athletic teams and sporting clubs.

If you want to inspire your audience to become more focussed, productive, ambitious and motivated to challenge themselves and achieve more, get in touch with No Xcuses.

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Here are some of the most popular topics that we speak about to sports teams and clubs:

Turning good players into greater teams

Sharpening your strengths

Beating your personal best

Performing under pressure

What They Say

Both the athletes and staff found the keynote presentation very inspirational and motivational. Your ability to articulate some of the qualities required for success like mental resilience, persistence and maintaining a positive outlook gave my athletes some good take home messages that they can apply in both their training and personal lives.

Ramon Andersson
Head Coach Canoeing

We received really positive feedback post our event from a lot of our Corporates and VIP clients about Brant’s guest speaking. He was a favourite of the season and I am sure we will look to have him back at one of our events.

Rachel Mazza
Commercial Partners Coordinator
Fremantle Dockers Foundation

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