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Whether your company is going through change or your team needs a boost in morale for an upcoming project, our keynote speakers are masters of motivation.

Drawing upon their unique experiences and lessons in life, our speakers travel around Australia to share the tools they used to build their resilience while entertaining audiences from all walks of life.

To drive the greatest impact with your audience, we’ll work with you to understand your organisation’s needs and the key messages you’d like our speakers to reinforce during their speech.

Explore our team of speakers by category:

Resilience Speakers

Learn how to bounce back and grow from adversity.

Inspirational Speakers

Inspire your audience to become more focussed, productive, ambitious and motivated.

Leadership Speakers

Teach your team or students to cultivate strong leadership skills.

Corporate Speakers

Book engaging keynotes on topics such as mental health and wellbeing, diversity and accountability in the workplace.

Sports Speakers

Challenge your team to push their limits and become the best they can possibly be.

Brant Garvey: Top-Rated Keynote Speaker

A Paralympian, keynote speaker and the Founder of No Xcuses, Brant Garvey has shown time and again that whatever obstacles life throws at you can be overcome.

Whether it’s the multiple first place finishes at paratriathlon world championships around the world or when he became the first above knee amputee to complete an Ironman Triathlon in Australia, Brant’s stories motivate and create change.

As a speaker, Brant has the innate ability to connect with each audience member and share with them his wisdom and tools for leadership, teamwork and resilience in everyday practice.

What They Say

“Brant brings a unique perspective to driving intrinsic motivation. A fantastically authentic speaker that engaged eyeballs and hearts alike. Wonderful presentation that was extremely well received by a cross Asia Pacific audience.”

Greg Harbor
Global Vice President

“Brant is an exceptional speaker and an absolute inspiration. He also took the time to speak to so many people after the presentation, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening.”

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Lainey Murphy
Cathara Consulting

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